A downloadable game for Windows

Play as a hero defending engineers cleaning up after big oil fat-cats cutting corners to make profits. Lead them through a maze of towers and defend them by deflecting the projectiles or knocking them out of harm's way.

WASD controls to move, space bar to jump.

Kick/headbutt the projectiles out of the way of your engineers, kick your engineers out of the way of projectiles, and kick projectiles at the big-wigs to knock them over before your engineers arrive. One hit is fatal to engineers and will result in an instant loss.

Engineers: Michael Brown, Shreyas Darshan, Yashasvi Rawal, Teja Salimeda

Artists: Kevin Anderson, Matthew Barnes, Cody Lee

Technical Artist: Saurabh Tanna

Producers: Jon Do, Kenny Green

Install instructions

Game runs in Unreal Engine. Download file, unzip, click on application titled "BobPetrol" to run - must be surrounded by files in the folder


BobPetrol.zip 159 MB

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